Welcome - Basic intro

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Welcome - Basic intro

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:55 pm

Firstly, welcome to Gamerzhackers - Where hackers unite.

This thread is made to let you know more about this place.

Here is the release of Audition Hacks. More sections can be added (even if it is not for games). Just have to let me know.

As this is a fresh start, there are currently no moderators but maybe in future we might need.

User groups:

Purchasing of VIP status

- Access to source codes
- Fast technical support for hacks
- Access to tool and softwares
- Access to video tutorial
- Access to AoB
- Able to post external links for own benefits
- Allowed link shrinkers
- Allowed paid-to-click (PTC)
- ad-free hacks

Daily: $3
Weekly: $10
Monthly: $25
Lifetime: $400
payment modes: Bank transfer or ibanking. (Other modes will be added on later)

Simple Rules:

- All hacks and Cheats allowed
- Do not leech
- Respect everyone
- No flamming
- Happy hacking


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